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  • Dealing With Privacy and Internet Safety
    It's never too early to pave the way for trust and open communication with your kids. A while back a co-worker asked me how I dealt with the kids and the internet with regards to privacy.  I told him my kids don't have any privacy, real or implied on the internet.  They use computers I paid for, internet I pay for and they are in my house and they are my children so there are no secret passwords and there is no blocking mom out of facebook or twitter or email or cell phones. As I was writing that last statement I thought 'whoa, that sounds pretty authoritarian parenting of me' but it really isn't as bad as it sounds.  Really. If you start young and right away and impress on the kids that number one on the concern list is safety on the internet and the other thing is that hey, I'm the mom.  If you have friends over to the house, I might well walk into the room you're hanging out in - that's part of me being the mom.  I would expect that if I walk into a room with my 10 year old daughter and a bunch of friends I'm not going to find them smoking and drinking - but if they were, I'd want to know about it. The same is true of a facebook page or a cell phone text message.  I don't expect my 13 year old son to be bullying someone or
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