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  • Intense Child Parenting Tips
    Some Parenting tips I find helpful with My Intense Child Give Choices but limit them. An intense child can be overwhelmed by too many options but also wants to have some control so give choices but limit them to 2 or 3 at most (start with 2) So rather than "what do you want for a snack" leaving you open to an unacceptable choice or frustration by too many options, give choices of 2 or 3 acceptable choices.. "you can have an apple, a banana or cheese and crackers for snack" Time out isn't just for kids. If you're boiling over, excuse yourself for a few moments of chill out time. Let your child know that even mom's and dad's get frustrated and angry and we know that trying to solve a problem in that state of mind can be futile. Take your time out and model self calming for your child - come back to the situation calm and reasonable (and hopefully your child will be calm and reasonable too by then) 10 Minute warning. Lot's of kids have difficulty adapting to change but intense children often have more difficulty than most. Prepare them in advance when you can reasonably expect difficulty. "We're going to the park for an hour". Then let them know something that will happen after that might help them transition "Then we're heading home for a snack" Don't just say no. Redirection is a valuable tool to keep the intensity level to a dull roar.
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