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  • Grade 3 Homework Stress
    Grade 3 Homework Stress received September 10, 2007 Q. My son had his first homework assignment of third grade yesterday. Before we even got home he was crying in the car about how hard it was going to be to copy his spelling words three times. I would equate it to the anxiety I feel going to the dentist for a root canal. He was actually crying over homework that he hadn't even started yet. We got started on the homework and he insisted he needed help. I explained that the only 'help' he could get was to have someone else write the words out and that was not allowed. When he came down to his last word he had to copy three times he spelled it wrong so I corrected him and told him that "Glance is spelled G-A, not G-E" and he went on and on about how he KNEW it was with an E not an A. He started crying and screaming for us to LEAVE HIM ALONE after having begged us to help him. I finally put him in time out so he could calm down and I finished cooking dinner while he calmed down. Right before I set the table I had him come finish his work and he did, with no fight or argument or anything. His emotional outbursts can be about anything, not just homework. It seems like he will argue a point till he is blue in the face rather than admit that he is
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