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  • Tears And Tantrums
    I've been asked a lot about kids that cry. We're not talking your 'fell down and scraped her knee' cry or 'can't have that beautiful toy' cry but the kind of crying that never seems to end and that most adults think "oh no, here we go again" at the sound of the all too familiar If you have an emotionally intense child, you know what I'm talking about and you may even know what I'm talking about if that phrase doesn't seem to fit your child.Some kids just cry a lot.   Some kids have additional stresses in their lives that make them more prone to tears than others and other kids seem to just take things as they come and rarely even seem upset let alone cry.'wail of despair'.  This is the trademark of the overly emotional intense child. My oldest was and is of the latter variety. It's easy to deal with these kids because when they cry it easily attracts your attention because it's rare and more to the point, for the most part, we can even understand the tears. A friend rejects (or disses or ditches as my son would say), they did poorly on a test, they didn't make the soccer team. It's easy to parent this tearful child with acceptance, empathy and comfort at these times.It's the kids like The Girl and The Dervish who cry seemingly ALL THE TIME that drain your energy and resources and make you say... or at least want to
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