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    Intense Child StormFront Moving In Joe Btfsplk -  I don't remember Joe from the L'ill Abner comic strip but Nana does and she thinks the Dervish is just like him these days.  Joe is touted as the worlds best friend but a jinx who goes through life with a storm cloud raining over his head.The Dervish doesn't exactly match the character's description. I'm sure he's a good friend, he has many of them. I don't think he's a jinx though - except to maybe himself. Dervish has always been prone to his 'bad moods' but lately those moods have been more and more frequent and tend to have the staying power of the Dervish himself. They are big and bad and foul and intense and there is no way that you can be in the room with The Dervish and not know that he is having a 'mood' - he simply will not allow that kind of inattention! There's a theory out there that I've seen proven time and time again that children, on or about their half birthdays, tend to go through a developmental leap that seems to throw them for a loop and can leave parents dazed and confused. I first found out about this 1/2 year thing when the pie was 3.5 years old and I was going crazy over some of his behaviors (laughing out loud now when I think about what drove me crazy then) Anyway, there is a series of books by Louise Bates Ames
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