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    When Dervish was 4 and after the unsuccessful visit to the family doctor, we visited the paediatrician to see if there was a medical reason for Dervish's many meltdowns and the inability to calm himself. After a thorough examination the doctor could find nothing to suggest a physical reason and suggested we visit a child psychologist. The first visit to the psychologist was just us parents. We filled out a very long questionnaire regarding the behaviour issues that brought us there and family history. Dervish, as his brother and sister are adopted but we have a good medical history. Dervish's birth mother has a lot of problems, not the least of which is drug abuse. I guess it was natural for the psychologist to zone in on this in his diagnosis. After a lengthy discussion with us the next visit involved the actual child. They met in his office and were left alone for about 1/2 an hour. Apparently 1/2 an hour is all a psychologist needs to deliver a complete diagnosis. We sat stunned as this doctor told us that our son had FAS (fetal alcohol syndrome . That he would develop ADD or ADHD, potentially ODD (oppositional defiance disorder), that he might be mildly retarded, that he would never live independently  that he would require special education, that he might possibly require a special school.... oh, there was more, I just can't remember all the things that were wrong with him. We left the office absolutely stunned and terrified and devastated  We could not believe that our bright, articulate, creative,
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