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  • The Forgotten Child
    I'm the first to admit that my two intense kids take the majority of my energy. The Dervish and The Girl are younger and well, they are "intense". Virtually every moment is a challenge. However, I didn't think I was ignoring the Pie ... the oldest, mr. stability, mr. dependable, mr. 12 going on 25. Unfortunately, that seems to be exactly what happened and I think I know why. It all started a month or so ago when I was looking for a "chore chart" online (something we were trying that didn't work - again... but that's another post). In my search I found a site that had charts for every imaginable thing and one of them was an add/adhd checklist. I don't know what prompted me to look at it, I had no conscious concerns for any of the kids at that particular time but I did look at it and was shocked when I realized that I was answering yes to virtually every question with regards to my oldest son! Don't people usually look at and find add/adhd much earlier than 12 years old? So I talked to The Dad about it and we looked at the checklist together and sure enough, we both had to admit that as hard as it seemed to be to believe, it looked like our oldest, our "normal" child, had been wandering around with undiagnosed add or even adhd! The Dad discussed it with our Doctor before we talked to The Pie
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