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  • Screaming Banshee
    Why do intense kids scream? Yesterday The Girl and I had a deal - we were going to work on screaming. Me not doing it - her not doing it - but mostly her. It's gotten to the point that my neck muscles get tense the moment she gets up in the morning. Ok, well not usually the moment but very close. The Girl is a screamer. She screams when she's frustrated, she screams when she's angry. And it doesn't take much to get either of those going in her. After our weekend camping (another story for another blog) I was ready to throw in the towel. It's one thing to have a screamer. It's another thing for the whole world to see it and for that same world to be watching you try to deal with it. So yesterday morning I said to The Girl... today we're going to work on not screaming. She agreed! lol So throughout the day whenever she screamed I'd pull her aside and talk to her about calming down and how people don't hear you when you scream - they only hear the scream and that if you can stay calm and ask for help nicely, people are more likely to want to help you. sigh. I must admit that the day's goal was semi successful. She stopped screaming sooner and I didn't do as much of it either. I never thought I'd say that. I never thought I'd be a screamer and I find the whole situation to be very frustrating.
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