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    Parenting Squabbling Siblings - Tips I'm pretty sure the summer vacation was only about an hour old when the squabbling siblings started. It's not that my 3 kids don't fight any other time but it seems so much more intense during holidays because they are together more often and for greater blocks of time - there's no school to interrupt - no distance to make the heart grow fonder! The only two that don't normally engage in constant battle are the oldest (Pie) and youngest (The Girl). Fights between those two are few and far between which makes me wonder if perhaps 8 years is a good gap between kids! The Girl and Dervish are the worst. Probably their similar intense temperament and intense personalities makes their squabbles so much more passionate and LOUD. It was a peaceful morning. It's been raining. We had breakfast of waffles and then because the Dervish has been interested in jokes, I found a kids joke site and rhymed off countless one liners for his amusement. Everything was going so well. We discussed the potential activities for the day which included movie watching and the PS2 soccer game we'd rented (since it was raining). Then the rain stopped and I suggested they go out bike riding while they could. The next thing I know there is a horrible ear piercing shriek (unmistakably The Girl's angry frustrated shriek) I let that one slide. A few minutes later, another and then another. Sigh. I go out
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