Childhood Conditions & Disorders

How do you know that your child is “intense” as part of his temperament as opposed to being a symptom of one of the seemingly gazillions of conditions and disorders out there?

In my blog I discussed a child psychologist diagnosing my child with a slew of conditions and potential conditions right from FAS to ADD, ADHD, OCD, and ODD.

Well, the best way to tell, or at least get a clue, is not, in my opinion, through a doctor.  Don’t get me wrong, I have a lot of faith in the medical system and doctors in general but I think that a lot of times they do tend to cop out to the medical condition du jour (of the day) so let’s learn about some of the more popularly diagnosed conditions and disorders that are being diagnosed these days and get some knowledge.

What I’ve found is going to a doctor with nothing in my arms but hope is useless. You need knowledge  you need power.  Do your homework before heading off to the doctor so when he says “your child has ODD” you can tell him why he’s wrong – or, why he’s right!

I’m collecting information on some of the conditions the ‘shrink’ suggested we plan on for my Dervish and adding it to the blog – I will only collect it from reliable and reputable sources and provide links back to the source (I hate to be scammed too!)

ADD/ADHD Information

Childhood Anxiety

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