Discipline can be a touchy issue.  Parents in my experience tend to be a little defensive about their discipline approach.  That may be because it is such an emotional issue.  Nothing in my experience as a parent causes more anxiety than my approach to discipline.  Am I handling this situation the best way, how will this affect my child, will it be effective, am I too permissive, am I too strict???

There is a lot that goes into our decisions and style of discipline.  As parents, we were children first and that is usually our experience in the discipline part of parenting, in fact, our childhoods are our first lessons on parenting.

If you are like me, you have a touch of your own parents in your style combined with new things you’ve learned and a pretty normal dose of things you do completely opposite to the way your parents did it.

My approach is largely a positive parenting philosophy and here I will share with you things that I believe in.

Positive Parenting Philosophy

Positive Discipline for Dangerous Situations

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