Early To Bed Parenting Tip

Parenting Tip – Get your kids to bed early

I was at my son’s soccer game the other night and was talking to a few parents about the back to school rush and chaos.

One mother gloated that her kids had been in bed and ASLEEP at 8pm the night before school started.

All ears, I waited to hear how she had managed such a feat.

She has a little trick I’d like to share with you because I thought it was a great idea for those occasional nights that you know your child needs a little extra shut eye.

On those nights, she sets her clock forward an hour late in the afternoon.

Bed time comes an hour earlier, the kids are already tired so they don’t realize it’s an hour early.

Sure, it’s downright dishonest but if you’ve ever tried to convince a 7 year old to go to bed an hour early, you know that no matter how tired they are, it just isn’t going to fly.

I’ll be trying this the next time the need arises.

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