Herbal Remedies:

While I admit that I’ve never been fully comfortable with giving my child something to help him calm down, there are days, and some nights that I feel it’s warranted.

Here I’ll discuss the success and failures of using some herbal remedies to help my intense child calm down a little or relax a bit and sometimes to help him sleep (unwind).

One of the successes I have had is with Melatonin.  This has also been a failure.  With Dervish it works like a miracle drug but with The Girl, it seems to have the opposite to the desired effect – this could be because of her age or it could be that she is immune to the placebo effect of these things.  I don’t give my children anything without telling them what it’s for so it’s possible that Dervish accepts that melatonin will help him fall asleep.  However, given that the placebo effect is unsuccessful with things like over the counter cold medications, stomach ache medicines and the like, I’m doubtful that it holds much power – aside from that, Dervish is NOT one who is easily swayed by suggestion.



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