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Homework Help

In the younger grades, a lot of homework is repetitive stuff. Dervish has no problem with writing out his spelling words a dozen times to learn the words and he does well with that. However, The Pie was a different story.

We’re long past this but the other day a friend of mine was bemoaning the fact that her son HATES doing homework, he hates writing out the same word over and over again. She attempted to do it with him orally and that worked, he could spell the words orally but when it came to writing them down, he didn’t have enough practice with the printing portion and his printing was illegible.

I suggested to her some of the things that worked with The Pie.

1. get a cookie sheet with flour or sugar or cornmeal and cover the bottom of the pan. Have him write his spelling words in the dry material with his finger.

2. Finger paints – same idea

3. chalk board – each of my kids has a wall painted in chalkboard paint and they use that for fun and for writing spelling words on it – not only do they get to practice the words this way but until they are replaced, they are a visual reminder of the words they are learning

I got an email from my friend the other day. She said her son was “happily” doing his spelling homework in a pan of flour.

Parenting tip of the day – make dull tasks fun – use your imagination, almost anything can be fun if you try.

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