My Son and His Blue Hair

I’ll never forget the day that my oldest son, the one with the blond hair and green eyes, came home and wanted to dye his hair blue.

“Why on earth would you want to dye your hair blue?” naturally (I presume) was my response.

It really didn’t matter, nor do I remember his rationale behind the blue hair but the fact was, he wanted his hair blue.

His father of course was all “NO.” (that being dad’s default response to pretty much anything) and I certainly had no desire to see my golden locked boy (who looked very much like a stereotypical beach bum) to be walking around with blue hair but the thing was, we had always encouraged him to be his own person.

From the time he was 3 he was telling the hairdresser how he wanted his hair – it was always “his” hair to do with what he wanted. Nothing he could do to it would be permanent every hair cut would grow out, any amount of hair jell or glue would wash out and this too would pass… and it wasn’t permanent.

So, we visited the drug store and purchased blue hair dye.

As blond as he was, the blue would not go dark like he wanted so it was really quite a great shade… for a shirt! But he was happy and as always, was an individual and learning to express himself and…. it wasn’t permanent.

That was about 4 or 5 years ago. He’s since done it again, probably 6 or 8 times but it doesn’t last long, especially now, because he keeps his hair really short – but every now and again he will pull out the blue dye and do it again.

The Dervish (The emotionally intense kid) likes his hair in a short mow hawk with designs shaved out of the rest of it. It’s quite a show stopper when it’s first been done – it grows out too.

My feelings on the subject? Don’t sweat the small stuff. Hair is hair. There are so many things that kids could be asking… or not asking – just doing to their bodies…. piercings, tattoos, and other mutilate-ive fads that you just know is ‘going to leave a mark’, blue hair? Let me get the car! (I’ll take it) I love my sons’ individualism – wouldn’t trade it for a sea of normal hair cuts and blond hair.

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