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Parenting With Dignity – featured on ABC’s 20/20 – Five rules for parents (bo…
Parenting information, tips and articles from Mac Bledsoe’s highly acclaimed Parenting With Dignity program, as featured on ABC’s 20/20 and in Mac’s books and DVD video parenting program.

  • Raising Kids in Today’s Confusing Drug Culture
    So why is it that so many young people in America are getting hooked on drugs if no parents want that to happen? I believe the answer is really quite simple; kids are getting hooked on drugs simply because parents are not teaching their kids what to …
  • Self-Esteem/Self-Concept/Self-Worth
    When I first began to teach parenting skills, I named my curriculum Self-Esteem Programs. I learned very quickly that using that title was a mistake! It turned out that using the words “Self-Esteem” caused more problems than it was worth….
  • “Quick Fix for Misbehavin’ Kids?
    Ever since I began teaching parenting skills almost 26 years ago, one of the most common fallacies that I have encountered is the mistaken idea in the heads of so many parents that there is some great “Quick Fix” for raising kids that are well behave…
  • Speaking of Kids
    Far too many people in the world today speak of children as if they had nothing to do with them!
  • What Parents Do For Kids
    Following a late morning appointment we stopped for breakfast at a local restaurant. The most cheerful gentleman waited us on. While making the usual small talk he mentioned that as soon as he got off work at the restaurant he was going to his second…
  • The Ideas in Your Head Will Rule Your World
    It does not matter where the ideas come from, and it doesn’t matter whether they are right or wrong, once an idea is in your head, it will rule your world….

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