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How our emotionally intense children differ from other kids.

If you ask a lot of parents at the end of the day “what kind of day did your child have today” they can give you a pretty stable answer. A good day, a bad day,… they might even need to think about it to come up with a description because most days for most children are fairly consistent.

Oh sure, there are ups and downs. A fall off the swing, a disappointment, a special occasion that will make the day or part of the day different than most others but all in all, life drifts along and its like traveling on an average road, a bump here, a turn there, once and a while a steep hill.

Then there are my kids, and probably at least one of yours (since you’re here visiting my site) that landed on the roller coaster road.  Some people might refer to our children as intense, emotional, anxious, ‘a hand full’, undisciplined, spirited, or they might even start diagnosing things like ADD or ADHD!

Our intense, emotional children – and us along with them travel every moment of every day on an emotional road with twists and turns steep hills and hairpin turns . One minute the road is smooth and even, the next it is covered in crater like potholes or loose gravel making navigation feel impossible.

For us, life is fraught with mood swings, temper tantrums, emotional meltdowns, angry outbursts, rage, deep sadness all punctuated periodically with moments of pure joy and happiness. And that’s just one day!

I know there are parents out there with similar challenges and while I don’t profess to have the answers, I want to share information, parenting tips, anecdotes, successes and failures so that you will know there are other parents struggling with the same issues. Parenting intense children can be a challenge, but intense children are not all about challenges!   My biggest challenge is looking past the chaos to find the greatness each one of them possess.  They show me their gifts every day – I just need to remember to look!

When I watch my children focus on learning something new with unwavering passion, facing their own challenges with fierce determination, the intense joy when they achieve their goals, it reminds me that they are also a gift and bring tremendous joy as well.

Traveling this road day in and day out can be challenging and difficult and I’m certainly not an expert but sometimes it’s nice to know that someone else has been there and with two emotionally intense children, I’ve been there and will be there… and I’m still there.

Fasten your seat belts folks…. the ride is wild.

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