Spirited Children

Parenting Spirited Children

The term “Spirited kids”, or “spirited children” is similar to the concept of Indigo Children but it is more mainstream in the philosophies.

Spirited kids can be described as “more”.  More intense about their emotions, very high-energy, extremely assertive.

According to Mary Sheedy Kurcinka from “Raising Your Spirited Child” book and workbook ….

The “Spirited Child” main characteristics are:

INTENSITY (loud and dramatic-focused outward, quiet and intently observant – focused inward),

PERSISTENCE (“lock in” to important ideas, love to debate, goal oriented),

SENSITIVITY (easily over stimulated by their environment, low sensory thresholds to any of the five senses),

PERCEPTIVENESS (easily distracted, notice everything going on all the time),

ADAPTIBILITY (don’t transition/shift from one activity to another easily), with

REGULARITY natural schedules for eating or sleeping),

ENERGY (physically active, busy exploring all the time),

FIRST REACTION (quick withdrawal when first encountering anything new), and

MOOD (as in moody) as “bonus” characteristics.

In other words, spirited children are “more” of each characteristic.

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