Parenting Styles

Barbara Coloroso writes there are three types of parenting styles.  I’m pretty sure that she’s mostly right since she also says that as parents, we often have bits of different styles in our own parenting.

What I’m concerned about though is not particular parenting styles but what kinds of things work with emotionally intense children as opposed to “normal” children.

While there is no value in “cookie cutter parenting”  – The same consequence for every child for every action, in my experience, and it is only my experience is that what worked very well for my “normal” child hardly ever worked for my Intense child and those are the kinds of things I intend to explore on this page and in my blog.

Parenting Tips from my Blog

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Have you got a great parenting tool or parenting tip?  Send me an email me with your what works stuff and I will blog it and credit you for the tip (in whatever manner you choose) – I will not share your email address or post it.

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