Talk About Feelings – Parenting Tip

It seems like a no brainer. You can look at your child having a major meltdown and it’s not difficult to determine the feeling. Angry, Frustrated, Sad… all of them mixed in together maybe.

One thing that rarely occurs to people though is that if you help a child identify the feeling and give them words to use to express it, it’s quite a gift – to both you and your child.

Recognizing and acknowledging a child’s feelings can go a long way to improving communication and helping them steer away from unacceptable expressions of those feelings. When he can say “Mommy I’m feeling VERY ANGRY right now” (even with an angry voice and even a little foot stomp) it’s a far cry from watching him pitch his toys all over the room.

I used to practice with my kids when they were very little. We went through happy faces and sad faces, angry faces and frustrated faces and then we did words and actions to use when they were having those feelings. Before long I would hear words instead of watching a block fly by my face.


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